Why I Carry

During conversations with various people over the past couple of years, I’ve decided that I need to put down a little better the reasoning behind why I carry a weapon with me whenever possible and why I have one at home, regardless.

Over the years, it has become more and more apparent to me that evil exists in our world. It even lives nearby. I had thought that a good bat, at home and just avoiding the known “bad parts of town” would be sufficient. I thought I was physically able to protect myself, my wife and the rest of my family. I was mistaken. Now, I haven’t had any bad event happen to me or mine to cause a jolt. What I have done is woken up to the realities that I have to deal with in my day to day life. My health is deteriorating to the point where I can no longer protect my family without assistance. I came to the realization that I needed a tool.

XD-9 9mm

(Image source: Springfield Armory)


That tool turned out to be a Springfield Armory XD 9mm semi-automatic pistol.  For the most part, the XD is our home defense pistol. I can (and have) concealed it using the basic holster that came with it, but it leaves a little to be desired in comfort (the holster, not the gun).  Locating holsters for it that fit within the budget is a little tough.  When funds are available, a holster from Dragon Leatherworks or The Holster Site is on the list of things to acquire.

LC-9 9mm

(Image source: Ruger.com

When I went to look for something for my wife to use, since she was initially afraid to handle the XD9 due to the size compared to her hand size, we decided on the Ruger LC9.  It’s smaller, fit her hands well, excellent reviews (and shoots like a dream for such a little weapon … must get my review done).  It is, however, a subcompact in 9mm.  The felt recoil is noticeable.  Since she’d gotten over her reluctance to shoot with the LC9, she decided to try the XD9.  She loved it so much that she’s told me that I’ll need to purchase another one if I ever want to shoot it again.

With the XD9 and the LC9 (and appropriate holsters for the LC9), the tools are now in place.

Do I ever expect to need the pistol in my pocket or on my hip while running errands?  No, I don’t.  But then again, you cannot predict when predators in our society will think that I am prey.  My weapons are just a tool for me to use teach these people that I am not, nor will I be, their prey.  I am not a victim.  I will not willingly give up what is mine, whether it is my life, my money/property or my family.  At the least, I intend to put a price on whatever they try and take from me.  A price that can be so high that they will think twice about paying it.

All of this is just the tip of the iceberg of the reasons that I carry. It all comes down the simple facts I will not be a victim.  I will not depend on others for the safety of myself or those I love.  I will not be left to the mercy of the merciless.  I. Will. Not. Be.

I am.

God willing, the tools will be never needed.  But like

  • the first aid kit in the car
  • the first aid kit in the closet
  • the spare tire in the vehicles
  • the jumper cables kept in the vehicles

and other tools and items kept on hand “just in case they’re needed”, so too is my concealed carry piece.  It’s a tool on hand, just in case it’s needed.

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