Youth’s Respect for History Lives On

There’s a video going around that is, well, let’s just say that it’s inspiring.  A young lad back in 2014 wanted to pay his respects to the men who gave their lives on D-Day to start the liberation of Europe in World War II.  His project, called Project Vigil, saw him visiting the American Cemetery in Normandy.  He spent several days there, leading up to the 70th anniversary of the storming of the beaches.  The young gentleman, dressed as a U.S. Infantryman would have been dressed when wading ashore all those years ago, presented the story of three of the paratroopers buried there in the cemetery.  Due to the police blocking him from entering the cemetery on D-Day, he took his vigil down to the beach.  With his 48-star U.S. Flag (identical to the one flown on the day of the invasion), he stood for over 90 minutes, saluting and watching the spirits of our soldiers making their historic, and deadly, climb out of the waters.  To get the true impact of it, however, you need to watch the video.

Since I’m having difficulty embedding the video, click here.

It’s inspiring to see something like that out of our young people.  Too many of them, today, have lost the respect for history, and the sacrifices required to keep us free.

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