Someone thinks I’m not crazy …

Rather, someone thinks I’m not crazy ENOUGH. 😀

I know it’s a bit late, since it actually came in before Thanksgiving, but the Commonwealth (and my local county) decided that I wasn’t crazy enough to deny a Concealed Carry Permit.

Now, if only I can get my wife to finish the paperwork and get hers and I might not worry as much about her out and about with the kids. Maybe when she sees what I got her for Christmas, she’ll be inclined to stop procrastinating.

Sadly, working on a Federal reservation (not naming it due to privacy issues), I’m forced to be unarmed on the way to/from work. When I run errands after work, it’s a choice between driving home first (which usually means I’m going to end up NOT running the errands ’cause frankly I don’t want to leave again when I get home.) or going unarmed to run the errands. Hitting the grocery store – not a problem, usually as it’s literally on the drive home.

Ah, well. It’s all good for driving me even crazier (and yes, the peanut gallery will say that it’s a really short trip).

— sham

Originally posted at on 12/11/2011.

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