A Confused Conservative

I originally wrote this on another blog. The majority of the points are still pertinent.

I know what y’all are thinking. Any conservative person in America today has to be confused. Far be it from me to disabuse you of the notion.

I should say that I’m a confusing conservative. I believe in several things that put me in that camp.

I believe:

There is a God who sent His Son to die for us over 2000 years ago.
Every person (male, female, black, white, purple, etc.) has the right to my respect.
Every person has a right to lose my respect as soon as they prove that they are no longer worthy of having it.
Every person has the right to live their life as they choose, in the boundaries of their own values, as long as they don’t force those values upon me (see #3 above).
Every person has a right to be free of me forcing my beliefs on them. A corollary to #4 above.

Given these beliefs I tend to fit in to the conservative group.

Where things get confusing is that, while I am very conservative (Def: “Favoring traditional views and values; tending to oppose change.”, primarily the “oppose change” part), I am very much an independent thinker. I don’t fit into any one whole. I am an octagonal peg being shoved into a triangle hole.

I am pro-life. I believe that all life is sacred and special. However, I understand that not everyone agrees with me. I understand that others believe that taking that life before it ever gets a chance to start is acceptable.

I am for the freedom of speech. I won’t necessarily agree with what you are saying, but I will fight to the death to defend your right to say it.

I am all for debate prior to making a decision. However, once that decision is made, our support should be behind that decision. A classic example of this is the war in Iraq. I did not believe all of the rhetoric given for going in prior to it starting (I still don’t), but I support the effort going now, because I believe our soldiers need all of the support at home that they can get. I’ve seen what happens when soldiers return home and get scorned, tormented and abused. I’ve seen friends’ fathers withdraw from their family and friends because of this treatment. This is a lesson we need to learn from Vietnam. These men and women need our support.

I am an avid gamer. I play all kinds of computer, board, and role-playing games. Yes, role-playing games. That’s a whole OTHER rant. I’ll probably get to that tomorrow.

My politics are even more confused that my personal beliefs.

I believe in a small, minimally interfering government. However, I believe in a state supported welfare system.
I believe in a state supported welfare system. However, I believe that it should be limited in scope, time, and have responsibility on the part of the recipient to earn/work for these benefits.
I believe in a strong, well paid/supplied military. However, I think that some of the decisions made by said military are down right stupid.
I believe that killing people is wrong. Period. Full stop. HOWEVER, comma, I believe that the death penalty is a viable punishment for certain offenses. One way that my thinking has changed over the years since this was first written. Anyone who threatens my life or safety or the life/safety of my wife and children are taking their lives into their own hands. I will not refuse to use force, up to and including the use of deadly force, if my life, or the life of my family is endangered. While this might seem like a stretch, it’s just a tweaking of my thoughts on the death penalty. It’s just a little more immediate. If someone chooses to violate the social contract to the point of jeopardizing me ore my family, well, they made their choice. I’ll deal with the consequences to my conscience, but I’ll still have my family around to help me with that.

In this past Presidential election, I was in a bit of quandary. I disagreed with all of the candidates. And I agreed with all of the candidates. See what I mean about being confused?

Oh, well.

*wanders off scratching his head*

— sham

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